Buzzin in Bali


So rather than taking a week off, I’ve some how managed to not write a blog post for three weeks! How did that happen? To be honest, I think I probably needed a break from it. If you have read my last post then you will be aware that I was struggling with, what I’m actually planning to do with my life and the whole blogging world in general. But I’m lucky enough to have some super supportive friends that I had the best time with on holiday, so let’s get into that shall we!

I’d actually never really thought about going to Bali, until my friend Mel went travelling at the start of the year. Me and the girls decided to go out and visit her, and since she is now based in Australia, we figured Bali would be the perfect place. I’ve been to Europe and North America before, however Asia is somewhere I had never ventured to, so I was really looking forward to going. The only thing that really bothered me was the length of the flight and how far away it is from home, but once I was on the plane I was perfectly fine.

In total, the trip was ten days and we managed to get to experience two sides of the island, something I would definitely recommend if you plan on going. Buleleng in the north and Seminyak in the south. These two places were complete polar opposites to each other but both beautiful none the less. I loved the diversity and how we got to see both the rural local side of the island and the most touristy lively part.


For the first four days we stayed in a private villa resort. There were six buildings onsite but lucky for us, we were the only ones checked in that week! This was fab as we had all the facilities to ourselves including a gorgeous pool. There’s something about just chillin at the pool that makes a holiday for me. In the build up, I’m always thinking about lying next to the pool with a cocktail in hand and it’s just the ultimate relaxation for me. In the four days we were staying at the villa, as well as some well earned resting time, we managed to see a lot of the sights that the north of the island had to offer. The area we stayed in was so calm and peaceful, we were surrounded by farm lands, local residents and shops and it wasn’t too far from the beach either.

The beach was where we took a boat trip out into the ocean to see dolphins in their natural habitat. Something which I was looking forward to and it does sounds like a lovely plan right? That was until I saw the boat. Maybe I’m naive in thinking that I would be a big passenger cruiser with sides and a roof, maybe a few deck chairs I don’t know! Instead it was a little canoe boat with a hand powered engine. I know this sounds very cute and to be fair it actually was. It’s just the fact I have never been able to swim, so for me it was terrifying. I just kept over thinking that something bad was going to happen and got quite upset for a good half hour of the trip. All I wanted to do was get off and stay on dry land. Panic attacks are something that I’ve experienced in recent years, and while I don’t have them regularly, I like to think that, eventually, I can manage to control them. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve got some really supportive friends so luckily Alice managed to talk me round and I ended up having the best time ever! I’m so happy that I did it and proper felt like I had achieved something.

Dolphins weren’t the only thing on the agenda. Whilst staying in Buleleng, we went on trips round the jungle and explored a few waterfalls, some amazing temples and got to see some incredible views. I didn’t know too much about Bali before getting there so I didn’t realise how much jungle and greenery that there is over there, it really is breath taking! We travelled through the winding roads in the mountains, stopping every now and again to take in the view. All of the locals that we spoke to were so lovely and welcoming and I really appreciated their kind nature. Not once did I see anyone arguing or shouting or being rude to one another. The atmosphere was very relaxing and everyone seemed happy and content. I’m really glad that we got to see that side of the island as it’s something I’ve never experienced before and I really enjoyed it.


The second half of the holiday was spent in the south where we stayed in Seminyak. Like I mentioned before, this area was completely different to our earlier stay. Seminyak is a lot more touristy with plenty of bars and restaurants and huge beaches. Our room was a little more basic and not as fancy as the villa but it did the job for what we needed it for. We had been trying a lot of traditional food at the start of the week, so it was a nice change to have something a bit more familiar. One of our favourite places to go was Strawberry Fields, which was a short walk from where we were staying. They had amazing burgers and a cool indie atmosphere. One thing that stayed the same was the attitude of the locals, and even though we were in a busy area, I felt safe walking around, even late at night.

We spent a lot more time at the beach for this part of the trip. From watching the sunset with a few beers, to a day dodging the huge waves on the shore. We also had a lovely candlelit dinner on one of the beaches and even got serenaded by a group of lovely guys with a backdrop of fireworks. One of the main highlights for me was when we took a trip down to Kuta Beach and got the chance to release some baby turtles into the wild. Something I would never have thought I would get the opportunity to do. It was so rewarding and was amazing seeing the little guys make their journey into their natural environment.

Bali is a lovely little part of the world, it really is paradise. The weather, the nature, the people, just everything about it I fell in love with. I’ve definitely seen things and done things that I never have before which is definitely a bonus from this type of holiday. Overall I had an amazing time in Bali and it is definitely somewhere that I would consider exploring in the future. It’s definitely ignited my interest in that part of the world as it’s never really been an area I’ve thought about visiting before! I did come back with quite a few bites and bruises but that is a small price to pay for the amazing time that I had.

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Keeping It Real


Whilst struggling to think of a blog post, this week I thought that I’d write something a bit different from the usual fashion and music topics I like to cover. Although it is very much related to both these things, the subject I’m going to be discussing is Instagram. I feel as though I’ve fell out of love with the app recently and to help me figure out why, I thought I’d write a post about it. I feel like I need to get it all out and be completely honest. So if you aren’t prepared for the ramblings of Rags, then I recommend you stop reading now.

Being relatable and genuine is something that I always want to be known for and part of being that is being truthful. I’m not saying that you should share every grizzly detail of your life, but equally, there’s a certain level of upkeep I think that people apply to their Instagram lives to make them look perfect when they are actually far from it. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to show your best self to the world and I do realise that it is a full time career for a lot of people. However I for one think it’s important to talk about stuff and to reassure people once in a while that life isn’t all how it looks through an Instagram filter.

I think people may see my blog and think I’m out all the time, going out for food or going to gigs, which are all major parts of my life but so are my friends and family. Believe it or not,  I don’t go out with the sole purpose of taking an pretty picture. I go out to have fun and if I wanna document that then I do. Real life, at least the life I know, isn’t all avocados and bikinis. My life is going to the pub for a pint of cider or coming out of a gig with all my make up sweated off because I’ve had the best time ever. Some of these moments make it to the gram but not all. Sounds silly but that is mainly down to my super strict colour scheme.


As a creative person I’m naturally drawn to colour and visual things so Instagram is perfect for me in the sense I can create my own little mood board of my life. I like to evenly distribute colour and take visually simulating photos. By no means am I a pro photographer but I like to think I know what looks good and what goes together. The last few months however I’ve been questioning myself on that. Recently, rather than enjoying it and uploading whatever I want, whenever I want, Ive started to worry about what other people might think. I think because I’m not 100% happy with the content I’m posting, then other people must be hating it too! Some days I think it’s so rubbish I just wanna delete it and start again. Maybe to the outside everything just looks the same as it always has and you wouldn’t guess I’ve been struggling for inspiration, I’m not sure!

I used to get up and be excited to get dressed and share my outfits, but now I really struggle to get inspired and am constantly questioning my personal style. I think we’ve all had those moments when we’ve tried on loads of outfits and absolutely nothing looks good right? I don’t know whether its my style that needs to change or my attitude to it. After all, that’s what my account started off as, solely fashion based. Now I post a bit of everything and my day to day life. I’m not sure whether it’s because of this that I’ve watched my followers decline on a daily basis and I’m not getting as many likes as I used to. I know life isn’t a popularity contest and really I shouldn’t care about that but somehow all of a sudden it’s become a big deal to me and I’m not sure why!

As we all know, Instagram used to be in chronological order so you kinda had a rough idea of what time of the day had the most traffic and when to post accordingly. Now, it’s anyone’s guess as a lot of people get lost in the vast world that is the insta feed. I think it’s quite hard to get noticed if you are a smaller account and don’t have thousands of followers under your belt. But then I find myself asking myself, do I want to be noticed? And if I do then why?


I’ve just found myself feeling fed up and wondering what am I hoping to achieve with this account. I know there’s massive scope for fashion bloggers now and I think it’s amazing to be able to make money doing something you love. This year I’ve took every opportunity that has been brought my way. Not only for experience and putting myself out there but I just think why the hell not! I’m extremely flattered that people take the time to look at what I post, let alone gift me items to feature. To me, this is very generous and I fully appreciate brands that have took the time out to do contact me and I’m still surprised that it even happens to be honest!

For the first time, I’ve actively took part in photoshoots this year and while I’ve enjoyed them all, I’m still not fully comfortable having my picture taken. It’s fine when I’m taking them of myself because I’m in control and I know what I like. Or even my friends because we can goof about a bit and it’s always fun. By no means am I a model, and I don’t think I’d ever want to be. I’d like to think there’s a lot of lightheartedness in both my Instagram and blog because I don’t take myself too seriously. I’d much rather post a picture of me laughing than a slick serious photoshoot.

That’s why recently I’m confused as to why I’m suddenly caring what people think and trying really hard to compete in the perfect world of Instagram. I don’t want to become that person that goes out with one reason and one reason only, to take a perfect insta shot. I am more than that, I am a real person! I wanna go out because I wanna have fun and live my life and then maybe take a cute picture while I’m there and represent me. I do want to continue to network but I do question how genuine Instagram itself and individuals that use it are these days.

At the end of the day, I always want my Instagram to be a bright and positive platform and I don’t want to get bogged down in pretending to be something I’m not in order for people to like me or send me free shit. I’m very much a people person and I’d like to think I’m very friendly and warm towards everyone. I know I probably sound like I am slating Insta, and while there are elements that bug me, overall I do appreciate the app and I’ve made some amazing friends and connections through it that I wouldn’t necessarily have without it. In the time it’s took me to write this post, I still haven’t figured out why I’m feeling inadequate but it feels good to get it off my chest. There will be no blog post next week as I’m off on holiday for a little while. I know for a fact that I’ll continue to use my account but maybe take it with a pinch of salt rather than taking it to heart. Hopefully this trip will get my head together a bit and I’ll be able to shake it off and gain a bit of clarity.

Thanks for reading a very rushed and rambling blog post!



Everything That You’d Never Expect


As a massive Arctic Monkeys fan, I couldn’t resist writing a review on their latest album Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino. This album has already sparked a lot of controversy amongst fans and critics for being very out there and nothing like you would expect to hear from the indie icons.

It sounds cliche but I always say ‘expect the unexpected’ when it comes to Arctic Monkeys as every single previous album they have created is completely different to the next. That’s one of the reasons I think they have managed to sustain a career over the past 15 years, constantly re-inventing themselves and bringing something new to the table.

Without question, you will always get those quick to criticise and be like ‘it’s nothing like the first album’ etc. I think that people forget, just because you might listen to that particular album over over, doesn’t mean that the band are still stuck in that same time. I mean Alex Turner is now a 32 year old man, how can you expect him to write, act and sound, like he did when he was a 17 year old kid? Just not gonna happen is it. We all develop and grow as we age and I for one think it’s great that they’ve had all of these changes in style.


There’s definitely a nod to the past within certain lyrics on this new album, however overall it’s an brand new Arctics experience. What I got from the first listen is that it’s a very visual album, it’s so different to anything I’ve ever heard before. I love the narrative of this hotel in space and what goes on within the walls. Straight away I was getting images of this futuristic world layered with retro vibes. It’s quite an eclectic mix and I think it works really well. It could well be a soundtrack to a film. I can picture this post apocalyptic Las Vegas-esque world on Mars. It’s like a hybrid of Blade Runner, The Shining and all those stylish sci fi and thriller epics.

I think that’s what the Arctic Monkeys are very good at, painting a picture of a world. You only have to look at the first album and you can almost smell the cigarette smoke on the streets of Sheffield. I think this is something they have continued throughout each album, they all tell a story of a time and a place.

Of course you can’t talk about this new album without comparing it to 2013’s AM. I  think that album was very stylised and slick and Alex Turner definitely had a certain swagger and attitude about him with infamous American twang. I think that persona has been thrown away and he’s now experimenting and doesn’t seem so concerned with keeping up appearances, he’s let his hair and beard grow and I do think that’s down to him not having to keep up an act. From watching recent performances, you can see how loose he is on stage and clearly enjoying himself, heck he’s even got his accent back!

Processed with VSCO with jm1 preset

As much as I love Alex and appreciate his songwriting and visions, I do wonder how much input the other band members had into this record. Don’t get me wrong, for the most part I do love this album and think it’s really special, however it feels more to me like it could have been better used as an Alex Turner solo album or even a TLSP record. I’m missing those signature Matt Helders drum beats that were so prominent on the previous albums. I think the drum and bass sections have took a back seat to Turners love of the piano and experimental sounds.

It’s a great album to listen to but I’m not sure how it’s going to translate into live shows as I don’t think there’s any obvious bangers. My favourite tracks are Four Out Of Five and title track Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino, but I don’t think a lot of the tracks have that sing-a-long appeal that the other classics do. Apparently there is a lot of older tracks on their current set list and I’m very interested to see how the perform those older songs in this new style. I’m lucky enough to be seeing them in September and I am so looking forward to what kind of show they are going to produce.

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(Arctic Monkeys new music video for Four Out Of Five is out now)

Re-Use, Re-Wear, Revolution


As it has recently been Fashion Revolution Week, I thought that it would be appropriate to do a little blog post talking all about re-using and re-wearing clothes that you already have in your wardrobe.

It’s no secret that a lot of the fashion industry is not sustainable. I will be the first to admit, I don’t know where the majority of my clothes come from or how they were made and I am in the process of educating myself on that. I think we are all guilty of buying into fast fashion and trends and while I’m not in a position to preach about changing your shopping habits, I think that it is good to be aware of alternatives, such as vintage fashion I spoke about a few weeks ago, and re-using what you have already got.

Today I’m going to be showing you three items of clothing that I consider to be staples in my wardrobe. A band tee, a leopard print coat and a pair of dungarees, showing you how I have styled them in different ways over the years. I can still re-wear and style them in a totally different way, rather than buying something new that looks very similar just, for the sake of it being new!


I am definitely one for wearing the same item of clothing over and over again. I think this comes from, not only my lack of a high income, but my love for styling. I used to dress mannequins for a living and loved coming up with new and exciting ways to showcase basic items of clothing. I think it’s great how a particular piece can look so different when styled with alternative things.

Like these dungarees for example. I love a good pair, they are so comfy and easy to throw on. I currently own two pairs, a bright blue pair and this black pair. This black pair was my first pair that I ever bought and I was a bit wary of wearing them at first. This was a few years ago and the trend hadn’t really caught on yet. I wore mine for work all the time with a plain white t shirt and some converse.

As you can see in the right hand side image, they are now a little faded and worse for wear now however I still love wearing them. The metal ring actually snapped a few weeks ago but I repaired it and now they are good to go! I think that my style has changed a lot, in that in now opt for a bright red denim jacket instead of the regular denim blue one.


Another classic in my wardrobe is the band tee. I have so many now I don’t know what to do with, usually getting them from merch stands at gigs or on the high street. This one is a bit different because it was originally my brothers that he passed on to me when he got bored of it. Rather than throwing it away, I claimed it and have worn it so many times since.

I think it’s really interesting to look back on how I used to style things compared to how I dress today. The most obvious of these is my colour choices. These days I am a massive fan of bright primary colours, but a few years ago I used to wear a more neutral understated colour pallete. Instead of colour I focused more on individual accessories like belts and scarves.

Anyone can wear a t shirt and jeans but it’s the added extras that can make it your own. I was forever wearing these skinny long scarves with my outfits to give them that seventies vibe. I do still really like this style but it’s not something I have worn for a long time.


See what I mean about the skinny scarves! I think this black sequinned one was my favourite, I used to wear it all the time on nights out. I think that it goes well with this leopard print coat, again adding to the seventies rock and roll vibe.

This leopard print coat has been everywhere with me. I took it with me when I went travelling, various festivals and too many nights out to mention. It is ripped and stained, most people would have thrown it away by now but not me. I got it a few years ago and it originally came with an oversized pink fluffy collar. I’ve since lost that but the coat is still going strong.

Like the other pieces in this blog, I used to wear my leopard print coat with plain and simple outfits, making that the focus statement piece of the look. However these days, I love to clash prints, colours and textures. This outfit is probably one of my favs and go to’s when I’m un sure of what to wear. Slogan tee, statement pants, silver boots and all important leopard print coat.

I definitely think that it’s worth looking through your wardrobe and re-discovering or re-using pieces before you make a new purchase. And if something you love is damaged or broke, maybe have a go at fixing it first before you head out to the store for a new one. I think it is true when they say; loved clothes last!

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(If you want to find out more about Fashion Revolution why not check out their website here)

I Like Your Style


Harry Styles is without doubt one of the most fashionable guys in the music industry.  How fortunate to have a surname you can live up to! Everyone from Gucci to Calvin Klein have designed custom suits for him on his current tour and I was lucky enough to see one of those in person. I went to the Manchester Arena a few weeks ago to see him so of course that is the gig of the month that I am going to be talking about today.

In the past, I’ve blogged about gigs from upcoming local bands, however this month is a bit different. This concert was very special to me, not only because I saw an artist that I love, but the place and the person I went with. Everything together just made for a very memorable evening. Yes, I’m aware I sound like an obsessed fan girl cos it’s…you know…Harry Styles, but hear me out and have a read if you are interested. You usually get one of two reactions when you mention Harry, either people scoff and roll their eyes as if to be like oh no not him again. Or alternatively you get the, oh my god I love him too. Hopefully you are the latter!


I had been looking forward to this show for a while and was so excited to actually see and hear Harry live for the first time. I had never been to see One Direction and I’ll admit I was never a number one fan, however I do think they have got a couple of absolute bangers. When Harry released his solo album last year I was at first, like a lot of people, curious to see what he would bring to the table. Safe to say, I was pleaseantly surprised, and a bit shocked to be honest, at the direction (ha) he had gone down. On first listen I immediately loved the album and Only Angel quickly became my favourite tune off it. So imagine my delight when he opened up with, not only that number, but wearing a bright red Alexander McQueen suit too! I’ll get back to the suits a bit later on.

I think that the sound of his solo stuff is very reminisced of 1970s rock and roll and thats one of the reasons I connect with it so much. It’s clear that Harry takes inspiration from Mick Jagger, the way he struts around the stage and the energy he gives off to the crowd. He’s also very charismatic the way he interacts with his audience in between tracks, some would say that’s years of media training, I just think he’s a genuinely nice guy. He’s cute and funny and you can just tell that he loves to perform, something that is important to me when watching any band or artist. You want to know that they are having a good time as well as yourself!

We were sat right at the back, top tier of the arena. I know it’s fun to be up close and personal with your favourite artists, but this time I didn’t really mind being so far back. We had a great view of the whole arena and the walkway that led on to a smaller stage at the back of the room, right below us. It was here that Harry played a few of his slower songs from the album and was when everyone held their phones up to light up the room.


Of course this was also when I managed to get a closer look of Harry’s outfit and realised that he had paired his red suit with a black and white striped shirt. I really do appreciate his style, as a lover of wearing all things bright and colourful myself, I think it’s great that he has the confidence to pull these combos off that most wouldn’t dream of putting together. I don’t think I’ve seen him wear a bad outfit in the past few years. Yeah he might have a personal stylist but even so I think that he always looks fab.

Which brings me on to what I decided to wear for the occasion. I get a lot of people asking me about what I wear to a gig or what’s my favourite gig outfit. And the truth is, I just wear what I would normally wear, day to day or for a night out. I decided to wear this leopard print suit (that I am absolutely in love with by the way) with a simple band t shirt and my silver space boots. Of course the suit jacket didn’t stay on very long once I started bouncing about but what can I say, I love to have a good time.


A person that I can always count on to have a good time with, and who I went to this show with, is one of my best friends Alice. We’ve known each other for ten years now and although we’ve been to a lot of festivals together, we’ve never actually been to a singular gig which I find so strange but it’s true! Alice is such a lovely person and so fun to be around and both being mad on Harry, she was the obvious choice for me to take to this show.

As I say, we’ve never been to gig together, making this night the first night we’ve actually been to the arena together. This was a poineant moment for me personally as Alice was there that night last year when that devastating attack happened in Manchester. Being in that environment it’s hard not to think about the terrible things that happened and the impact it has had on our city. We are so fortunate enough to have kind, amazing people here and you don’t need me to tell you the way people have pulled together and united over this tragedy is incredible.

I bring this up because, although it wasn’t on our minds the whole time, it is something that you do think about and how could you not. Harry did his own fitting tribute to Manchester by singing a song that he wrote for Ariana Grande. I think this was a particular emotional moment for us both and although it was extremely sad, I’m glad that we both got to be a part of it. I think it’s very important to remember that, regardless of style, genre and sound, music really can bring people together in times like this and we can’t let certain individuals stop us from enjoying and living our best life. As it says on Harry’s t-shirts; treat people with kindness.

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(Illustration of Harry’s hands based on original design by Toma Vagner, Photography of me by Amy )

That Retro Feel


This week I’m going to be talking all things retro and showing you my favourite vintage shops in Manchester. Vintage has been a big part of my style for years now, and as well as high street, it’s one of my favourite places to shop.

I think being a fashion blogger, people may expect you to be shopping every day or being gifted items of clothing all the time. I’m sure that’s a lovely luxury to have however that isn’t really my lifestyle at the moment. I work part time, so I can’t really afford to be spending a lot on expensive designer garms or have an online shopping spree every day. That’s why I love high street because it is so cheap and easily accessible. For example if I need a red top for a night out then I know I can get one for under a fiver at Primark. Similarly, I’m constantly saving things in my ASOS basket just waiting for the sale to start.

Of course I do love a good bargain but every now and again I love to rummage through the rails in my favourite vintage shops. Yes, they can be a little bit more expensive than its high street counterparts but for an occasional splurge, they are great for me! Don’t get me wrong I have A LOT of clothes, but I think I do go through phases of wearing the same things on a rotation basis. The vintage pieces that I do own, I can usually put into two categories. The first being a ‘classic piece’ such as a white shirt or denim jacket. And the second being more of a ‘statement piece’ like a jumpsuit or jazzy print shirt. These are usually the two things I have in mind when vintage shopping and I don’t just buy any old thing I see.


The first shop I’m going to talk about is Cow. Situated on the corner of Church Street and Oldham Street, it’s right in the centre of Northern Quarter. This is one of my favs because they have a huge selection of vintage to search through. It’s two floors, but more often than not you’ll find me in the downstairs basement part of the store. They have quirky painted motifs on the walls and a lot of the decor is re purposed furniture and their mannequins and displays always look super cute.

Yeah it’s nice to have shops organised into trends as it makes it easier to shop and get inspiration but I do love a good rummage through the rails. Cow have a great selection of patterns and prints but this is probably the store that I get a lot of my classic pieces from, those that I can wear again and again and not get bored of styling.

5741EC4C-3F82-43B1-9F1B-1B239E37144APop is another great vintage shop on Oldham Street and covers all things 60’s and 70’s. Not just clothing, but you can also discover retro furniture and ornaments. They have an in house hair salon as well if you want to get that perfect vintage look. This is a shop that I always come back to because it is just so timeless, 60’s and 70’s style will forever be fashionable in my eyes.

This is where I like to get my mini skirts, ditzy print dresses and coats from, for that retro vibe. It’s one of my favourite stores for men’s fashion too as they have a great selection of paisley and polka dot shirts, very Pretty Green esque if you are looking for that designer look for less. They also have a great range of accessories, shoes and hats. And of course I am immediately drawn to their beret collection.


And now on to the last vintage shop, one that I’ve spoke about before on the blog, Blue Rinse. I love this shop, it’s one of the very first vintage shops I ever went to. This is another one that’s great for having a root and toot about and is the store where I find a lot of those one off statements pieces I mentioned earlier on.

Orginally starting in Leeds, Blue Rinse Manchester is now very much established in Northern Quarter. So much so, that they have a brand new, bigger and better store opening tonight! I will be attending the launch party and I can’t wait to discover more vintage and see where they are heading in the future.

I think that there definitely is a lot of competition in Manchester for vintage but that’s what I love about it, I like to mix and match through them all, as well and charity shops and mainstream high street stores. I think this is what gives me my eclectic unique style that I’m happy to showcase across my Instagram and blog.

Thanks for reading!



As Keen As Mustard


As the title of this weeks post suggests, I’d like to think that I am quite an enthusiastic person. One thing I get excited about is bright colours. More specifically, red yellow and blue. If you follow me on Instagram that you will be well aware of this obsession as everything I post is under this colour palette. I don’t know what it is about these primary colours, I just love how bold they are and how they are so easy to mix and match with each other.

A few weeks ago, I talked all about how red is my favourite colour and how I think it will always hold a prominence in my wardrobe. Red lipstick is something I can never go without, and it’s very rare that I don’t have an element of red in my outfit. Today however I’m going to be talking about the colour yellow, in particular this coat.

I purchased this coat late last year and I’ve definitely got not only my moneys worth but wear out of it too. Yellow, in particular this mustard shade, has been on trend for a good few months now and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon.


I think that it is a great statement piece and will for sure brighten up any grey and gloomy day, something we tend to get a lot of here in Manchester. Summer doesn’t seem to be coming any time soon so why not take these bright colours and style them appropriate for the typical British weather? I know I feel a lot happier and positive when I’m wearing colourful pieces.

Being the extra person that I am, I love to put my yellow coat with bold prints, just because that’s my personal style. I do try and balance my outfits out though, and like to match. The yellow is the star of the show and then I’ve picked out the red from my scarf to match the slogan jumper I’m wearing. Something I have a growing collection of is heeled boots. These silver ones are something of a signature item for me, definitely a pair that are fun to style up!


There’s just something about a yellow hue, whether it be mustard, ochre, lemon or golden. It’s not surprising that it is associated with joy and happiness because it is such a warm colour and gives off those summer vibes.

Yellow is for sure a great colour to play with, especially as I like to mix patterns and textures. I can’t see this colour leaving our high streets any time soon. Fingers crossed it won’t be long until I can retire the winter coat to the wardrobe in the next couple of months to make way for some real yellow sunshine!

Thanks for reading!



(Photography by The Unidentified Rocker )