Lady in Red

50BFC9E2-CDCF-4DE5-8577-C5962BA8468FToday I’m going to be talking about my favourite colour. Red! And more specifically, my red trouser suit.

I fell in love with the colour ever since I started wearing red lipstick on a regular basis. I just love how it looks. It’s rare you’ll see me not wearing some element of it in an outfit. It’s such a bold and sassy colour and I always feel great when I’m wearing red.

A few months ago, I was browsing my local Primark store and discovered this red suit, I immediately had to have it. I’ve worn suits before but never one so bold and out there. As I was walking out, buzzin with my latest buy, I had a slight dread of, oh no I’m either gonna look like Santa or a Butlins team member. I am usually really confident in my purchases so it was a bit odd to be doubting myself. Safe to say, after a few minutes of outfit planning in my head, this fear soon disappeared.

CFD37686-4491-4FCF-9783-18E9F88F025DI like how versatile I can make this suit. It’s so easy for me to wear and I always feel really comfortable when wearing it.

For daytime or casual looks, I can layer it up with jumpers and shirts, usually wearing converse or trainers for a more laid back vibe. I also love to incorporate my signature slogan and band t shirts into my suit wearing, that usually adds an extra pop to an already bold outfit.

I’ve also worn it on a night out with a simple black crop top, clutch and heels. This is something a bit different to your standard dress and heels combo and I’d encourage anyone to experiment with wearing suits. You don’t necessarily have to go for red if that’s not your thing. There are plenty of more subtle prints and colours on the high street at the moment to try.

4BE734D0-2902-4002-9BD6-7E8E7ACA72BC.jpegAnother fab thing about owning a suit is that there are no rules. You don’t have to always wear it together, there’s so many outfits to play with when using the pieces as separates.

I’ve wear the trousers more often than I wear the full suit actually. Usually with a denim or leather jacket. They are such a good fit and go with so many pieces in my wardrobe. The blazer I can wear with skirts and jeans. So you’re not only buying one outfit, you can literally create so many different combinations.

435921C3-3990-483F-88BB-D30466C9F003Speaking of combinations, one that I love to wear is red with any kind of animal print. I just think they look great together. On their own they already make a really bold statement so wearing them together just creates such a winning look.

I really enjoy wearing bold colours and prints because it’s always fun to style and come up with new outfits to wear. Red is always my go to colour when shopping for clothes. I think I may have a slight obsession developing, as a lot of my clothes are on the red scale now. And on the subject of suits, I’ve just bought a leopard print trouser suit so keep your eyes peeled for an inevitable post about that one.

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(Photography by The Unidentified Rocker and myself)


Mama, I Love You


As it’s International Women’s Day and this weekend it’s Mothers Day, I thought it would be a nice little idea to dedicate a blog post to mine. Everyone says that their mum is the best, and I am no different.

My mum is the kindest person I’ve ever met and she will help anyone if they need it. She’s done a hell of a lot for me over the years and I don’t think I’d be where I am today without her. I’m extremely lucky to have a mum that’s supported me throughout my life and the decisions I’ve chosen to take. From choosing to study Fine Art at uni to going solo travelling, anything I’ve ever wanted to do she’s not only let me, but been happy for me to do it.

‘The apple didn’t fall far from the tree’ is an expression that sure does apply to me and my mum. We definitely have a lot of similar traits. The main thing I’ve inherited from her, is looking young for my age. I’m forever getting mistaken for a lot younger than I actually am. Yeah it’s annoying to be always getting IDed on a night out but I’m sure once I hit my thirties it will become a blessing. We’re also the same, personality wise in the sense that we both don’t stop talking. We love to drag a story out and fill everyone in on the little details. As well as youthful in looks, we are also young at heart, both really silly and ditsy. I love her so much!


One of my mums best qualities is how generous she is. She has always provided for me so much. Knowing how much I’m obsessed with clothes, she has a habit of giving me stuff she no longer wants when she’s having a clear out. Of course anything clothes related I jump at. By far my favourite thing she’s ever passed on to me is this aviator jacket. It’s so warm and especially perfect for the freezing weather we’ve been having recently.

50927F3D-5BFE-4511-BB75-CC70FF856543I used to wear this jacket a lot back when I was at uni, as my style then was very 80’s inspired. I used to wear oversized patterned shirts, multicoloured bead necklaces and hair bows. The fact that I had my hair permed too says it all really. I’ve evolved a lot from this style but I still love this jacket. My mum tells me that my dad bought her it before I was born so I know it’s deffo got those eighties vibes. Since university it’s kinda been resting in the back of my wardrobe until a recent clear out when I re-discovered it. I love styling old pieces into new outfits and I think this definitely goes with my current style.

4231E9D4-5520-48E9-AF55-3BC282347FFD.jpegAnother item is this little black dress that I have worn so many times for so many different occasions. I love the beading detail at the top and the floaty material of the skirt. Here I’ve styled it with a leather jacket and boots for a layered look but I’ve also worn it before on its own with a pair of heels for a party vibe. Whenever I’m getting ready to go out, I’ll always show my mum what I’m wearing, just to get her opinion on it. Majority of the time she embraces it and likes that I have my own unique style. On the odd occasion that she isn’t too keen on something, she’ll say that it’s not her cup of tea but if I like it that’s all that matters.


As you know I have a love for vintage fashion and enjoy rummaging through the rails in the various shops across town. But how handy is it when you’ve already got some at home! I’d definitely encourage you to ask your mum or sister or whoever it might be in your family if they have anything that they don’t want that you can re-purpose for yourself. I’ve done clothes swaps with my friends in the past and this is another great way to find a new piece that you wouldn’t necessarily find in the stores.

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(Photography by  The Unidentified Rocker )

By Order of The Blinders


The time has come round again where I review my favourite gig of the month. No prizes for guessing who I’m talking about this time. The Blinders are a band that I’ve listened to for a while and heard a lot of hype about, but never actually seen them live. That is until, this gig at The Deaf Institute.

I’ve mentioned before that this is one of my favourite venues in Manchester for live music. It’s an old historical building located on Grosvenor Street, the music hall is a small, quirky little place with plush furnishings and a huge disco ball in the centre of the room. It’s such a intimate venue and the atomosphere is electric wherever you position yourself. Because of its size, it does get full very quickly, so if you’re heading to a sold out show, like this one, I’d definitely recommend getting down early.

February has been quite a gig heavy month for me, so it was hard to choose just one to write about. However, in terms of atmosphere, performance and just the overall night in general, this one just stood out to me a little bit more than the rest.


My night started by watching a supporting slot from Strange Bones, another band that I’d heard so much about but never actually seen live. High in energy and without a doubt putting their own unique stamp on the stage with an couple of mask changes and jumping on to the bar, these guys kept the crowd guessing throughout their performance as to what they would do next. Musically, they are on the heavy side with politically charged lyrics.

Another highlight of the evening for me was hearing Patrick Davies spoken word just before The Blinders took to the stage. The poet had, not only clever, but humourous content that got a lot of response from the crowd. It was very relatable and reminiscent of John Cooper Clarke’s style of work and was something a bit different that you wouldn’t normally expect at a gig.

I don’t know why it’s took me so long to see The Blinders but I’m glad that it was this occasion and in this venue, as the crowd just went wild for them from the minute they stepped on the stage. They owned the stage and didn’t disappoint my high expectations. More often than not, at a gig I’m right at the front, mainly because I’m really short and like to be able to see who’s performing. This time however I ended up in the middle of the action, bouncing about with the floorboards shaking under all of our feet.


It’s one of the best feelings when you are in the middle of a crowd, all singing the words at the top of your voice and I think that’s why I enjoyed this gig so much. Like I say, the guys owned the stage, interacted with the crowd a lot and put on an amazing performance. Some of my personal favourite tracks of theirs are ICB Blues and Ramona Flowers. If you haven’t listened to them before, I’d say The Blinders have a lot of rock psychedelic vibes mixed with punk elements.

It’s evident that they have a loyal following and are set for big things in the future. Definitely ones I’ll be watching again.

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(You can find The Blinders and Strange Bones on Spotify and on Instagram at @theblinders and @strange_bones)

Out of the Blue (Rinse)

This week I’ve got another little collaboration to share with you all. Today it’s Northern Quarters own, Blue Rinse Vintage! Situated on Oldham Street, they are a fab little shop that houses a range of vintage beauts and re-worked finds. Anything from 70s glitz to 90s sportswear, you are bound to find a thing or two to jazz up your wardrobe.

What I love about a good vintage shop is that, usually, it’s not all served up to you in ready made outfits like their high street counterparts. I think we’re all guilty of buying fast fashion and following trends and there’s nothing wrong with that. Vintage fashion isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. However if you are ever in the mood for a little hunt through the rails or have a specific item in mind, then that’s what vintage is perfect for. And if you’re after that one off unique item that no one else has, or just fancy owning an item of clothing that has a history behind it.

Recently I’ve been working with Blue Rinse on a few illustrations so thought I would share those with you as well as some current pieces I’ve picked up from the store.


One of the main items that Blue Rinse is known for is it’s array of patterned and checked shirts. These are all almost always unique and have a definite flair about them. I picked up this stripey seventies number as I just love all the colours and especially the oversized pointy collar. It’s definitely an item I can wear again and again with a lot of pieces in my wardrobe. I’ve paired it with this pinafore dress, another item that they have huge demand for.

One of the first ever items I bought from this store was a corduroy pinafore a few years ago. It was one of my favourite pieces and I loved styling it with different tops. I feel as though I’ve neglected dresses recently, as I am forever wearing trousers so I’m looking forward to styling this denim version, especially in the summer.


What I love about some vintage shops is the way that, as well as original vintage, they also house a re-work or renewal section. This is where they produce multiples of the same item, from re purposed fabrics to create a unique collection. I love the idea of making something yourself and this has inspired me regarding the next purchase I’m going to talk about.

I found this checked coat and was immediately drawn to it because of the colours. Upon closer inspection, it was giving me serious 80’s vibes with its padded shoulders and decorative buttons. There was just something about it I couldn’t let go of and just had to have it.


It’s definitely oversized for my frame but I think that’s what I love about it. My plans for this coat are to remove the shoulder pads and give it more of a 60’s silhouette, rather than an 80’s one. Then I want to change the buttons to maybe a simple wooden or pearl-esque design. I think doing these changes will make it much easier for me to style it my way and build wearable outfits out of something that is quite loud and imposing.

That’s why I love vintage shopping so much, as one item can inspire you to create or wear something that you maybe wouldn’t look at twice in a regular store. I’ve really enjoyed exploring Blue Rinse and creating this illustrations. Be sure to check them out if you liked this blog post!


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(You can find Blue Rinse on Manchester’s Oldham Street as well as Call Lane in Leeds and over on

Me, Myself and Inspo


So it’s that time of year again. Whether you believe it’s a load of commercial rubbish or the most romantic day of the year, you can never escape Valentines Day. I do get asked a fair bit, mainly from family members, if I have a boyfriend or why I haven’t got a boyfriend at the moment. I think there’s a lot of pressure for my generation to be a particular way and you’re often expected to be settled down and married with children at a certain age. Which is great for some people but for others it doesn’t always work out that way. We shouldn’t really beat ourselves up about it or compare our lives to our peers. Although sometimes it is hard not too.

I used to cave in to the pressure and be constantly on the hunt for a fella and forever asking myself, what’s wrong with me and why aren’t I good enough. I decided that in 2018 I’m gonna focus on myself and do what ever makes me happy. After all, if you can’t love yourself how the hell can you love somebody else?! Insert sassy hair flip here. So today I thought that instead of complaining about my love life, or lack of, I would tell you about what makes me happy and what I love to do. Aside from music and art, one thing I love about my life is, of course, fashion.

Now believe it or not I’ve not always been so style savvy. It was only about five years ago when I started to take fashion more seriously, working as a visual merchandiser ignited my creativity experimenting with outfit building. Although I’ve been through a range of different styles, I think that I’ve finally settled on a signature look that I am happy with. Derived from two main influences, being the sixties and the seventies.


Influencers; Twiggy, Brigitte Bardot, Cilla Black, Jean Shrimpton

Elements; Mini skirts, flared sleeves, paisley, polka dot, knee high boots, checks

Now there’s an Alexa Chung quote that I do like to follow, it goes ‘I either want to look like an excellently dressed boy or a kitten from the sixties.’ Kitten is the perfect word to sum up sixties style. I think it’s so cute and simple. You really can’t go wrong with a basic mini skirt and knit combo. I get a lot of my sixties inspired pieces from vintage shops and more often than not, mix them with something high street.


I think it’s great how in the past few years this era has been revived and it’s not hard to find this style on the high street. I like to use the silhouettes but then put my own stamp on it with bright colours. If you’ve seen my Insta feed, you’ll know I’m obsessed with red, yellow and blue. There’s just something about these primary colours that speak to me and I always feel great wearing this colour palette.


Influencers; David Bowie, Marc Bolan, Rod Stewart, Freddie Mercury

Elements; Glitter, stripes, tartan, metallic, leopard print, faux fur, leather, vinyl

The other era that inspires me greatly is the 70’s. Where do I even start. If I take shapes and specific clothing items from the 60’s, then I definitely take textures and patterns from the 70’s. Everything from leopard to stripes to tartan, anything goes. My wardrobe is littered with prints. I think with this era, it was all about experimenting, clashing colours, genders and styles to create an eclectic mix. This is definitely the more daring half of my wardrobe.


Anything glittery and sparkly I absolutely love and tend to wear it all year round rather than just for the Christmas party season. Sometimes I have to stop myself from wearing all my seventies inspired pieces at once, at the risk of looking like a fancy dress costume. I’ve also gained quite the collection of flared trousers which is obviously a nod to this iconic era.

Of course I get inspiration from a lot of different outlets, from bloggers that I follow, to someone I might see walking down the street. These two eras however are always my go to and if I’ve ever stuck for outfit ideas I just look back over my Pinterest to refresh some ideas and create new outfits.

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A Peep into Reap


Reap What You Sow. A popular saying that means you get back whatever you put into life, and also the name of the Manchester based clothing company I’m going to be talking about today.

I got my first look at the brand through browsing Instagram and seeing a shoot that took place in Jimmys bar (if you want to read more about that place then feel free to check out last weeks post). This brand gives me major nostalgia back to my teenage years, when I was more into my rock and metal music. I am loving the overall vibe they are creating with that particular photoshoot. You can find the images on RWYS’s Instagram and website.

I do think that music and fashion go hand in hand a lot of the time and I’d like to think my musical tastes mirror my fashion choices in that it’s such an eclectic mix. I think it’s good to have a variety and be inspired by different things. I spoke with brand creator Katie recently, and asked her what inspires her collections.

Sounds cliche but music inspires me. One song can start a whole collection for me. People inspire me a lot as well, I love how certain people carry themselves and their behaviour definitely gives me a lot of inspiration for themes.’


I’ve always loved a slogan, band, graphic tee, what ever you prefer to call them. A basic t-shirt with writing on. I only really have two top options in my wardrobe, a patterned shirt or one of these t-shirts. They are pretty much my wardrobe staple. That’s one of the main reasons I was drawn to Reap What You Sow. They have a great selection of tee’s and hoodies, brandishing lyrics, quotes and their unique skeleton logo.

I don’t think you can go wrong with a band top really. It’s a piece that I’ve stuck with over the years despite my evolving fashion taste. I’ve found it can be styled so many different ways to give, going back to music references here, an indie, alternative or hardcore vibe or even just a basic jeans and flats combo.

Another topic me and Katie discussed was subculture and its impact on her design process and what role she sees her brand playing in the new generation.

We haven’t had a new subculture since emo so mainstream fashion gets massively recycled which is cool but I think independent brands keep what we do have, interesting! I would love a new subculture to develop and watch a creative boom happen off the back of it, imagine! I hope the next generation get some weird and wonderful subculture. It was a whole lifestyle wasn’t it, you had your clothes and hairstyles and of course MySpace. We would all talk about how individual we were, while all wearing the same outfit. I hope new brands start out of something like that again for the next generation.’


While on the subject of the future, I asked Katie if she can give us any information about upcoming collections she’s working on and what she sees the brand developing into.

Thanks for asking! I was so excited to put our pink t shirt out to see if people would like the direction I personally want to move us in. It was a fun piece to test the water and it worked well. Expect a couple of fun bits and some cleaner simple wardrobe staples. My main goal is to have a brand that makes people feel wicked when they put the clothes on. I have so much I want to move into, parkas being the first thing. There’s just something about a decent coat isn’t there.’

I really enjoyed talking with Katie and writing this post to showcase her brand. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for new pieces and I’m excited to see what the future holds for the brand.

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(You can find Reap What You Sow on and on Instagram at @rwysclothing Photography by Cat Allan)

Thank Jimmy’s It’s Live!

A7DD77FF-B5B8-4B5E-8111-D6B0C5918DC6Seen as though I’m constantly attending gigs, I’ve decided that I’m going to dedicate a post to one of my favs from each month. Now technically this one was in December but it was New Years Eve so I’m gonna include it anyway. First of all, you don’t need me to tell you that Manchester has a rich music culture and history that rivals most places in the country and, I feel, one of the most exciting cities for new and upcoming bands to play.

There’s an absolute plethora of gig venues across the city. My all time favourites being Deaf Institute and Gorilla. I’ve literally never been to a bad gig at either venue and I love the small, intimate setting compared to many other places. If it’s intimate you are after then I’d definitely recommend Northern Quarters Jimmys.

Follow me on Instagram and you’ll know that I’m pretty much always having a boogie in there. It’s a fab looking little bar with a great atmosphere and even better tunes. The real magic however happens in the downstairs basement where they hold gigs pretty much all the time and are more often than not, sold out and full to capacity.


On New Years Eve they put on a party full of great bands to start the new year off with a bang. All of these bands, I’ve seen a fair few times before so apologys if I may be slightly biased but they are all pretty great.

Saytr Play are a band that are always full of energy and bring the fun factor to every gig they do, so you can’t help but bop along with them. Fred never fails to get the crowd involved and is forever jumping off the stage to have a dance with us all. For an upcoming band they have a lot of confidence and a unique sound and they definitely set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Next band on the line up were Carnival Club. Having come fresh off a supporting slot on Liam Frays last tour, you can tell that big things are set for these lads. The thing I like about Carnival Club is lead singers Kai’s voice. It’s a real throwback to late 60s/early 70s which gives a distinctive vibe to their sound amongst a lot of generic indie bands their age. One of the highlights of this set was fan favourite Magdalena’s Cape.

Headlining the show were Stockports own Kashmere. To call them indie wouldn’t quite cut it, I find it hard to put these guys in a box as I literally don’t know who or what to compare them to. There’s a definite 80s influence and their songs get stuck in your head for hours, but in terms of a single band to say they sound like, I don’t think there is one. All I know is that they’ve got some right bangers and you’ll always find me at the front, dancing away. My personal fav of theirs is a track called Codeine.


This gig has set up the year well and I’m sure I’ll be attending many more at Jimbos. They are always putting on events whether it be anything from gigs to poetry readings to open mic nights so I would hundred percent recommend you check it out if you haven’t already.

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(You can listen to Saytr Play, Carnival Club and Kashmere on Spotify or follow them on Instagram at @saytrplay, @thecarnivalclub and @kashmereband)